On Being an Urban Shepherd

Having sheep in the yard is such a good time! They’re cute and get the job done and I just love all of them. It’s funny how much personality they all have, too! Getting to know them and be around them has been such a positive experience.

– anonymous urban shepherd

What to expect

  • smells – sheep have a strong farm animal scent
  • sounds – sheep go ‘baaa’ a lot
  • poop – sheep leave small pellet droppings
    • great free fertilizer

What to do

  • make sure they have water (check every-other day)
  • make sure they have something to eat (check every-other day)
  • once a week check their health
    • not limping
    • not isolating themselves

What not to do

  • don’t pet meatball the ram
  • don’t let your pets interact with the sheep
  • don’t let the sheep out of the yard
  • don’t feed them any food on the banned foods list

Banned Foods List

  • avocados / avocado trees
  • any minerals containing copper
  • brassica (cabbage/broccoli/brussels sprouts, turnips, mustard)
  • passionflower vine
  • foxglove
  • mountain laurel, rhododendrons, azalea
  • oleander
  • oaks / acorns
  • yew
  • cherry
  • english ivy
  • rhubarb
  • bracken fern
  • morning glory
  • holly
  • st. john’s wort
  • milkweed
  • black locust
  • locoweed
  • dogsbane
  • lambs quarters
  • flax
  • alfalfa
  • pokeweed
  • arrowgrass
  • common nightshade
  • dock